Fishing For Redfish In Texas

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Fishing For Redfish In Texas

The redfish, also known in some parts as red drum, became important commercially in the mid-twentieth century, particularly off the South East coast of the united states, where the species is found in relative abundance. The quality of their meat and their magnificent appearance also makes the redfish particularly appealing to anglers, and they are well known for the good fight they put up and continue to be a particular favorite among fishermen.

As the name suggests, the redfish is best known for its brightly colored appearance, typically ranging anywhere from orange to scarlet or flame red. Redfish have very think scales and a dot on their tail that makes them identifiable. Their fin structure and mouth location on the bottom of their heads are also signs its a redfish.

The majority of adult redfish off the Texas coast are anywhere between fifteen and twenty eight inches in length, though the occasional larger fish does exist.

Redfish are known as a inshore fish, with a wide range from tailing in the mud to being caught offshore they are very hardy. They prefer structure, so the aim is to fish near underwater structure such as shelves and ledges. Redfish typically inhabit cool water, though are known to venture into shallower waters in particularly cold winter months. Known fishing spots for redfish include the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

The diet of the redfish consists mainly of invertebrates and small fish, and as a result can be caught using almost any bait. Popular choices include cut bait, shrimp, shad, mullet, crabs and pearch. Artificial baits and lures can also be used, as too can flies. A medium action rod coupled with a fifteen to twenty pound test line is more than adequate for landing the majority of redfish.

Once hooked, redfish are renowned for their fighting strength, making them an ideal target for young and experienced anglers as well as seasoned veterans looking to land a trophy redfish. Due to their abundance, popularity and ease of fishing, redfish are typically a targeted fish for chartered trips. One charter we recommend is Ingleside Fishing Charter they are the #1 fishing guide in Aransas Pass TX as well as being a very popular Rockport TX Fishing Guide. You can read reviews about their service on google Fishing Guide Aransas Pass  Reviews.

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Picking the Right Fishing Rod

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Picking the Right Fishing Rod
Fishing is something that many people love. For you to be successful in this activity, you must have the right tools. You will need a good rod which is versatile to your fishing environment. The good thing, however, is that many fishing rods manufacturers differentiate these all important fishing tools according to their capabilities and even materials used to make them.

The manufacturer will list the specifications of each and every fishing rod. This is to help you pick the right one. The rods are categorized according to their capacity and the different situations they can be used in. An angler who wishes to thoroughly enjoy their fishing escapades will definitely consider the type of fishing rods featured in the market.
The one major category which anglers consider is the one where the power of the rod, the length as well as the action of the rod is featured. An angler can opt to have a rod that can handle very fast kind of fishing. They can also look out for a rod that can take the medium as well as slow fishing. All this should be considered in view of the flex that a rod can handle. As to the kind of power that a rod can deliver, well, it is the pole that determines how powerful it is. Rods are also categorized in accordance with sections which simply mean that the whole fishing rod can be broken down into. A rod can also be categorized in accordance with its guide which refers to the rear, front as well as the medium capacity of the rod to help you get a whole grip of the rod.

rod-power-001It can be said without contradiction that the most common fishing rod is the spinning rod. It is mostly used for heavy duty fishing. Its length is normally 1.5 – 2.5 meters in length. When it comes to heavy duty fishing which demands that there be a lot of strength in the rod, the jigging rod is the option to go for. Jigging rod is simple preferred by commercial fishermen because it can handle almost any large fish comfortably. They are very good when it comes to handling heavy baits and they can go up to 4 meters in length.

Fly rods are the other types of fishing rods that anglers should consider having. These rods are presumably long lasting. It is easy to buy a rod and last well into the 4th decade of use. The various options you have in this category include fiberglass, bamboo, and graphite rods.

For the sailors who fish in the deep seas, the market has several options for them. While spinning and fly rods will handle the job just fine, you will be intrigued as to the capacity of the spin casting rods. These rods are easy to operate are ideal for beginners. Moreover, they are ultra light and can be short hence making it possible to catch the smaller type of fish.

The type of fishing that you happen to love determines in a major way the type of rod you should pick. If you are just fishing for the fun of it, you can use almost any other rod that the market presents to you. For leisure, you can control any rod because you have all the time to yourself.  You, however, need to consider the base of the rod together with the location of the fish when shopping for one.

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Become successful fisherman and enjoy this outdoor activity

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Many people still have doubts how fishing is considered a sport and how they can become professional in a short amount of time. In the past time fishing has been considered as a mean to obtain a food, but now this is one of the most popular sport, which allows people to get away from the city and spend some quality time in nature, but some people want to go even further and that fishing becomes their profession. Beginners luck can sometimes help, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and skills to locate and catch a fish all the time.

Beginners should take it easy

Guía-de-la-pesca-con-mosca-para-principiantes-Todo-para-la-pesca-2If you are new to this sport, you should use resources that are near your location. Start with nearby lakes, river or ponds to get familiar with this sport. You will need to get to know the basics, for example, which rod to choose, how to tie a lure and hook and this only can be achieved through practice.

Find a fishing club to join

This is a great opportunity to meet people similar to you, but also the professional ones. They can provide you useful pieces of advice and various techniques. This is an excellent chance to learn something new and from the people who are already experts. Fishing clubs often hold small tournaments where you can test you so far knowledge.fishing04

Learn to distinguish different species of fish

Every species of fish requires different technique and equipment; it is hard to become professional if you don’t know how to make the difference between them. Even the baits are specially designed for different types of fish. Considering that you can find a large variety on the market today, even the slightest difference can determine whether you will catch or lose a fish.

Many fishermen use cheaper line because they don’t understand the importance of quality equipment. This doesn’t mean you need to spend huge piles of money on expensive equipment, but you will need some items that can’t be cheap. Imagine situations where you catch a big fish and your rod breaks, frustrating, isn’t it?

Take participation in a small tournament

Almost every state has fishing tournaments no matter what their body of water is. There you can find a few predominant inhabited species. In order to participate in big tournaments, you will need to earn few extra points and wins in small one. This participation will be extremely helpful since you will be learning from the more experienced contestants.flw21_t607

Use every spare moment to get away from the city

This sport has managed to build quite a reputation and so many people use it as an opportunity for relaxation and to clear up their heads from every day’s problems. Some of them bring their kids to spend some quality time and to bond because a modern type of life leaves us so little time. Spending your time in the open will provide you a healthier way of life, less stress, much more fresh air and sunny rays. For example, you can set up the camp by the location where you intend to fish, in that way you will make the more interesting experience to your children and they will always look forward to going back.


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